Safety & Health Protocols

Safely Enjoy Your Access to Boating and Fresh Air

At Marina Bahía Golfito each and every person's safety and health are priorities: please download the following documents in order to know, understand and agree with all the guidelines that ensure that all of us are part of a responsible and conscious community.

Your Help and Consideration is Needed!

Your help  and  your  actions  are  essential  to  keeping  boating  and  marina  services  open, safe, and accessible. Ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and the eff¬ectiveness of social distancing while boating has forced lawmakers in some areas of the Costa Rica to restrict boating and access to the water.

Following some suggestions to improve safety will help everyone to enjoy boating more safely  at  this  time.  Please also refer to the most current CDC guidelines on social distancing. Please remember, the safest action is to stay home and remain isolated. Thank you for doing your part to help maintain a safe boating community and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please visit for more information.


Protect yourself, other boaters, and marina staff:

  • Wear masks, gloves, and eye protection when in the marina, parking lots, and on the docks.
  • Maintain social distancing in the marina, parking lots, and on the docks. Go from your vehicle to the boat and refrain from congregating in the marina or on docks.
  • Marina staff¬ will not be available to assist you in a manner that would compromise safe social distancing (i.e. unloading your gear, landing your boat, etc). Please call the dock master for assistance or questions. 
  • Avoid using public restrooms when possible. Wash your hands regularly on your vessel when able. Carry hand sanitizer whenever possible and/or utilize gloves properly. Pack in and pack out your garbage to avoid using public resources.
  • When getting gas, practice safe social distancing with gas attendants and wear masks and gloves. Utilize credit cards, house accounts, or exact change whenever possible.


Be extra safe while boating. Don’t become a problem for others to have to respond to:

  • Wear Life Jackets when on the docks and while boating.
  • Alcohol onboard can increase risks, boat sober and responsibly.
  • Slow down; speed increases risk for you and others. Speed consumes more gas and requires more trips to the gas dock.
  • Be extra aware to follow all navigation rules, procedures and etiquette.
  • Avoid boating in low light situations or unfavorable weather to improve your safety on the water and at docks.
  • Use a "float plan," including reminders of safe social distancing protocols.


Please be respectful of others on the water. Refrain from making boating appear discourteous or unsafe in the current environment.

  • Keep passengers to only your immediate household; those who are isolated and not exposed to virus.
  • Practice safe distancing while boating:
    • No rafting up or anchoring with other boats.
    • No beaching boats near one another.
  • Keep sound to subdued levels. Do not create ‘party’ like atmosphere in the marina or on the water.
  • Practice polite etiquette where anchoring; out of channels or high tra c areas and away from residences.
  • Please go straight from home to your boat and from your boat to home. Avoid unnecessary contact with others in the marina and the public whenever possible. 


Thank you for doing your part to keep our boating community healthy.We look forward to helping you enjoy the water!